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Successful business in the 21st century will be defined by those companies that can effectively integrate technology into their business models in order to provide superior products and services to their customers.

This is not only about understanding how technology can enhance one’s business, but also about having access to the right products and systems at affordable prices. Having acquired the products and systems, one also needs a reliable and readily accessible technical back-up support from a localized global partner.

Having realized this, Big Wave Automation Systems has positioned itself to become the leading hand in System Integration, Support Service, automation products support, localized training on all critically required skills including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and Variable Speed Drives. We believe in providing our clients with product innovation and choice, superior quality and competitive pricing.


Big Wave Automation is headed by a young, dynamic management team, all of whom have a wealth of experience in the Automation Industry. In order to supply clients with the latest products and services, the management places strong emphasis on staying abreast with global technology trends and on building solid relationships with international suppliers.

Focus is placed on maintaining and growing an excellent skills base within the company who will support clients throughout the region. The internal culture is that of creative thinking, innovation, ongoing staff training and development. Big Wave Automation has a “small company” ethos ensuring that it remains personal and accountable to clients, but a “large company” expertise and resources, enabling it to deliver products and service to all its regional clients. Customer satisfaction has and will always be the number ONE priority at Big Wave Automation. Big Wave Automation relentlessly pursues excellence on its products, services, delivery and price. At Big Wave Automation, we believe that excellence does not come from past success, but from our future endeavors. Therefore, it is our goal to transform our past performances into an even better tomorrow for our clients.


Big Wave Automation System is a registered System integrator for Wonderware and is currently rated among the top twenty Wonderware System Integrators in Southern Africa. Encouraged by such a marked achievement the company is now working towards being the system integrator of first choice in Southern Africa.


Systems Integration forms the nerve of any production and business systems and hence it requires a solid foundation of skills base and best of the breed type technology. Thus Big Wave Automation Systems put more emphasis on strategic partnerships with other local, regional and international players and have so far entered into strategic partnership agreements with a number of them, amongst these are;

1) Wonderware Southern Africa for the supply SCADA software
2) Danfoss for the supply and servicing of AC Drives and soft-starters
3) Anytech For the supply of VIPA PLCs and Panel building
4) EP Normand for DC drives requirement and other requirements
5) Yokogawa-for Industrial Service


In April 2007, at an annual Wonderware user group conference held at Sun City in RSA, Big Wave Automation Systems won a prestigious special recognition award for its business success under a difficult economic environment and it was among top the twenty regional system integrators for Wonderware. In May 2008 Its Managing Director was nominated for Manager of the Year Award by the Zimbabwe Institute of Management for his outstanding performance in the year 2007.


Big Wave Automation Systems realized the importance of associating with other institutions for the purpose of continued improvement, as such, Big Wave Automation Systems is an affiliate member of the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers and a corporate member of Zimbabwe Institute of Management. The company aims at growing the list with time.